The Villas At Beavercreek - 2380 Locust Hill Blvd., Beavercreek, Ohio 45431 • Tel: 937-434-7676

The Villas at Beavercreek was developed in 2007.

The Villas was built in 16 phases, with the last phase being completed in 2019. Eighty-eight (88) units comprise the development. The models are as follows: 36 Canterbury’s, 9 Porticos, 6 Colonnades, 6 Torinos, 5 Chateaus, 4 Abbeys, 4 Ducals, 3 Villas, 3 Salernos, 3 Torinos with Bonus Rooms, 2 Bramantes, 2 Palazzos, 2 Promenades, 2 Veronas, and 1 Portico with bonus room.

The Villas of Beavercreek have a Clubhouse, a pool, a Fitness Gym, and a small Central Park.

A Grounds and Landscaping Committee caretakes the status of all trees and bushes.

A Maintenance Committee caretakes the status of exterior repairs. A Good Neighbor Team remains aware of new move-ins, residents with health issues, promotes a September “Good Neighbor” day, and holds a fall charity drive.

Communication is important at THE VILLAS. There is a monthly Newsletter – THE VILLAGER – that is sent to all residents, containing monthly events, HOA news, Committee reports, special resident features, neighborhood news, pictures, activity calendar, current news bytes, etc.

In addition, a yearly Directory is published every year, containing resident photos, home address, telephone #’s, and e-mail addresses.

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